Since you are visiting this site you likely are pondering whether you could benefit from some form of therapy at this time. If so, you are hardly alone in this. Much is being written about the stresses of modern life, but you don’t need to read articles or blogs or what have you; you can see it for yourself. And probably feel it. So many of us are functioning the best we can but feeling some sense of overwhelm and lack of fulfillment. Relationships suffer. And many try to escape into addictions of all sorts. Sleep or other physical disorders may arise. But people are finding relief from stress, anxiety and pain and achieving a sense o contentment and fulfillment through therapy.


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(Presentation to young people beginning program in Madrid of Master’s studies and teaching, given day after Thanksgiving 2020) Greetings and I hope you enjoyed Thanksiving one way or another. However …

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Transforming the Next Generation

I was recently priviledged to give a workshop to a group of psychology students. The workshop was about stress and stress management. This included examining the physiological reponses referred to …