I once read a book entitled «the Third Eye», written by one T. Lobsang Rampa, who purported to be a former Tibetan monk.   While there is some question about the authenticity of the book, it was very interesting and gave one things to ponder.  In one place he tells of something that at the time I read the book I understood him to be saying literally took place.  No matter.  It serves beautifully as a metaphor.

It seems there was a remote place in Tibet where once every 100 years a one-room building would appear for a time.  It had a door on one side that was the entrance and a door on the opposite side that was the exit.  During the time the room  was there anyone could enter the room, and if the person passed through it and came out the exit, that person would be enlightened.  However, anyone in that room would encounter terrifying representations of his worst fears and have to face them and pass through them to reach the exit.  And the representations were so fearsome that one could freeze (become paralyzed).  Some people never came out.  Persons about to enter were given two pieces of advice:  1)  Remember that the things they would see would be representations of their fears but that they WERE NOT REAL; 2) «Keep your feet moving».

Those who came out would report that the first piece of advice did not seem to help much, the visions seemed too real.  It was remembering and following the second piece of advice that enabled them to make it through and reach their goal.   They kept their feet moving.

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