I call the first session a consultation and do not charge for it. This gives you a chance to get a sense of whether we can develop a cordial working relationship and set our sights on a goal or at least get a sense of direction. We establish a fee for subsequent sessions using a “sliding scale” based on income. The aim is that the client pay according to her or his circumstances so as to be genuinely contributing without being stressed by the payments.

I work in my home in a comfortable living room (people seem to appreciate not going to an office). My home is in the Argüelles area handy to the metro system.

I prefer to meet a client in person and continue to work that way if at all possible, but have found that sessions can be done effectively by Skype, so I am quite willing to work that way. In some instances therapy has been supplemented with email exchanges, but I would not base a therapy on an exchange of text messages.

Address:  Rodriguez San Pedro  7, 5B, Madrid 28015

Skype:  david.hugener1



SUBSEQUENT SESSION: Per «sliding scale» based on income (20-80 €/hour)